The Tiber is a more classically designed water fountain, with a simple curved top and single spout, and our trademark “Belgian Circle” design on the front reservoir. The Tiber Fountain would bring tranquility and peace to any garden space or courtyard. The Tiber arrives in an already pre-weathered finish that will get slightly lighter over time. This water feature is completely self contained, so you will not require a water supply to the feature. The Tiber works by recycling water from the catch reservoir and pumping it into the back reservoir. This fountain includes a built in Submersible pump, and is now available in three styles: Square, Tall and the Curved Trough with different spouts. The 'Square' and 'Tall' arrive with a Tubular Spout and the 'Curved' has a semi-circular water spout.


Square - 47.25" x 23.75” D x 45.25” H  // Weight 170 lbs.

Tall - 25.25” W x 21.75” D x  65” H // Weight. 146 lbs.


Curved - 51.25” W x 19.75” D x 53.25” H // Weight 190lbs.


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*Please note there is an approximate 12-14 week delivery time as all items are made to order & shipped from our European Factory*

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