How Does It Weather?

These products will start off a dark grey colour and will gently lighten over time, developing a beautiful aged Patina. This effect will be accelerated by factors such as salt air & heavy rainfall. Any small blemishes and imperfections are characteristic of this hand crafted product.

Do They Rust?

Our products are hot dipped in molten Zinc which creates a long lasting weather proof protection. Any damage to this protective coating may result in rust. This will not spread and is easily treatable. Should this occur you will need to apply a rust treatment (‘Kurust’ - readily available from Halfords or on the internet) to the area in question, and then touch in with zinc paste, which we will provide free of charge.

Planting Advice

If using outside, please remove the Rubber Bung, which will give you a draining hole. To aid in effective drainage, we advise putting a few generous layers of broken tile/crocks (especially with the taller planters). This will also help give the planter stability. Some people enquire about using a liner. We plant directly into the container and our plants only seem to thrive.


Water Features Information

Cleaning The Water 

Please only use non corrosive water purifying tablets, such as Milton or Feature Kit Tablets. These tablets can be used as little as once a week to keep the water fresh and clean. Corrosive chemicals WILL attack the Zinc coating, resulting in rust patches/ spots. If corrosive tablets have been used we will not replace/refund the fountain, however, these spots can be treated.



It is good house keeping to drain the fountain in winter and remove the pump, and store it safely inside. We then advise you fill up the fountain once again in early Spring when the weather improves.


The fountain will need to be topped up regularly due to evaporation/splash of the water. 

Changing the Water Sound

The flow of the fountain volume can be adjusted by the flow regulator in the pipe work. Alternatively, for a softer sound, we recommend placing large pebbles into the water trough, which will change the sound of the fountain